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About Us

We are pioneers in the product development of naturally-occurring plant drinks. We revolutionised the drinks category in 2007 with the markets first cold-press juice brand in London and Singapore: Wild Bunch & Co. now iconic range of Organic Vegetable Juice.


Today, we live and work in Central Portugal where we continue our mission to
make plants exciting. It’s been a long journey from London and Singapore, but one that has taken us to the source of our products provenance.


WB&CO Distillery in Central Portugal

The sun sets over wild mint growing outside
our distillery in Central Portugal

Discover Our Portugal. Coming Soon


WB&CO Co-Founder, Mark Walker

Photographed at Pesca Cafe & Bar in Central
Portugal by Ana Machado

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WB&CO Water Meadow

We are transforming an abandoned rural
landscape into a Water Meadow

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