75CL Licor: Edição Rural

75CL Licor: Edição Rural


Wild Bunch & Co. Lda. Portugal
When you buy Spirts from us, you are buying direct
from the wildcrafter, distiller and bottler.

Licor da Floresta. Edição Rural.

The call of autumn brings the villages of Centro
Portugal together to collect olives from their forest
farms. We celebrate this community spirit by infusing
a small-batch of WB&CO Spirit of the Forest with
wild olive leaves from our own land.

Product of Centro Portugal
Handmade & Bottled by: WB&CO Centro Portugal

Spirit: Naturally-Occurring Plant Licor

Plants: Fresh Wild Herbs of the Forest

Add. Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol, Sugar

Extraction: Cold-Pressed. Copper-Distilled. Infused
Bottled: At Natural Colour
Packaging: High-flint glass & Wooden Cork Stopper

Size & ABV: 75CL | 37.5%

Our Signature Editions
Complex, unpredictable, raw, and just the right side of wild. Wild Bunch & Co. Signature Edition Spirit of the Forest expresses our mantra Adapt to Nature in its purest form. Each spirit is made entirely from fresh wild plants handpicked from the forests surrounding our distillery. Within hours of harvesting we individually cold-press, distil and infuse each plant to the precise moment when their delicate yet intense colour, aroma and taste are at their most vibrant. These spirits are handmade and bottled by our Liqueurists and Designers in very limited Edições: each one a celebration of the spirit of the forest.

How to Enjoy
These complex spirits are designed to be enjoyed
neat over ice to wake the Spirit of the Forest


Conditions: Dry and cool

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