75cl Low Alcohol Wild Herbal Spirit of the Forest

75cl Low Alcohol Wild Herbal Spirit of the Forest


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WB&CO Low Alco. Spirit
An aromatic low alcohol herbal elixir made by Wild Bunch & Co. from forest-to-bottle b using a complex blend of fresh wild herbs from the forest surrounding our distillery in Centro Portugal. Serve with a zest of orange and a crack of black pepper.

Product of Centro Portugal

Size & ABV: 75CL / 5.5%
Made & Bottled by WB&CO Centro Portugal

Plants: Blend of wild plants of the forest

Extraction: Fresh-pressed and Copper-distilled

Ingredients: Distilled Water & Alcohol

WB&CO Spirits do not contain additives or preservatives: this means your spirit will age naturally over time. We don't try to control this; it's what happens when you let nature take its course.

Special Precautions

Avoid drinking during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Wild Bunch & Co. Lda. Portugal

When you buy spirits and aromatics from us, you are buying direct from the wildcrafter, distiller and bottler

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